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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Announcing Gio# and Gtk#Beans

For a handful of good reasons (see Mike's mail), gtk-sharp, the gtk bindings for Mono and .NET, lately chose not to follow the hectic 6 months release plan of both gtk and glib teams but leverage on the almost perfect 2.12.x releases we have now (binding gtk 2.12 and glib 2.16) for a few extra months.

F-Spot, that small photo app everyone like, was, in its SVN/git latests versions, using a lot of the new API additions of gtk-sharp. You probably figured that already if you're following its developments.

So I branched out some of the code I needed from Gtk# svn to 2 new standalone projects, Gtk#Beans and Gio#. Both projects aims to fill the gap between the API mapped by Gtk#2.12 and the capabilities provided by gtk 2.14/glib 2.16.

The code is maintained on gitorious http://gitorious.org/gtk-sharp-beans, http://gitorious.org/gio-sharp and is already usable (and used in f-spot). Feel safe to use them as the API introduced over there will be merged with the fewest possible changes to the next Gtk# release.


  1. Both of these API look fabulous!

    Thanks for posting this!

    Are you planning on doing a tarball release?

  2. So, Stephane, sweetie... Any chance you can split out Atk# while you're at it? Banshee's new a11y stuff needs it

  3. Hi, sorry to bug you here but i was wondering if you had an idea of the GTK# roadmap with regards to Databound controls like the WinForms counterparts. For database application development?

  4. For Samuel Mukoti, there is some code floating about for data-binding in Gtk#.

    See the series of BLOG posts starting @ http://pvanhoof.be/blog/index.php/2006/04/21/databinding-an-ilist-as-datasource-for-the-gtktreeview

    And some stuff from "Desktop Rails" @ http://desktoprails.osl.ull.es/doku.php?id=documentation:users:gtksharp:gtksharpdatabinding

    But I don't think there is much near-term hope of a generally accepted data-binding solution.