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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Talk Teaser: Image processing with Mono.Simd

The facts:

Processing time using gdk_pixbuf: 431ms
Same method ported to Mono.Simd: 66ms
That means roughly 6.5 times faster !

Some explanations:
  • The gdk-pixbuf is an unoptimized standard gdk operation (gtk+ 2.18.1), but I don't think a lot of them are optimized either using mmx or SSEx for this platform (x86-64). Feel free to prove me wrong here.
  • Times are averaged.
  • Loading and saving times aren't taken into account here, but both are using gdk_pixbuf operations.
  • The Mono.Simd method acts on vanilla pixbufs, and results are plain old usable pixbufs, not some kind of memory buffer or whatnot.
  • The image attached to this post is not the result of the processing.
This is only a teaser for the short talk I'll be giving at FOSDEM on Sunday Feb 7. Be there if you want to learn more, see the code, or question my sanity for doing this in Mono and not directly as a gdk-pixbuf patch.

Friday, January 8, 2010

DeepzoomIt: a simpleminded DeepZoom composer

Now that Moonlight supports DeepZoom for more than a year, it's about time to fill the blanks and allow one to create deepzoom images, even on linux.

DeepzoomIt does just that.

At least for the simple cases, i.e. no collection support and no selective resolution. But it generate files just right, as shown below (might not work on some planets) .

DeepzoomIt uses gdk_pixbuf for image cropping, scaling, composing. And it shouldn't be sensible to the inability of gdk_pixbuf to scale images bigger than 65536px.

The code is available on gitorious, use it if you like it: http://gitorious.org/deepzoomit.

[3159x2591 sized to viewport via DeepZoom. (shift-)Click to (un-)zoom. Drag to Pan]

[Update 2010.01.11: replaced the pure xaml viewer by a managed one. Pan+Zoom works.]