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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mono-ifying Gnome3, one dependency at a time

2 quick announcements:

libunique now has a managed binding, Unique#. As the mapping is already feature complete and API stable, the code is tagged 1.0.0. It's simple, it's as easy and obvious to use as the native libunique, it doesn't have funky dependency (except, well, for libunique 1.0.0), it installs itself in the GAC...

The code is hosted on gitorious http://gitorious.org/unique-sharp/unique-sharp and patches are welcome. There's no tarball so far, but if you need one, ask and you might receive.

F-Spot got yet another bugfix release ( I worked on during the weekend, fixing an X issue on some screens. Unfortunately, the Karmic release of Ubuntu (congrats guys) unleashed a new horde of avid testers, and they were able to find an issue in the --view mode (the same issue, for the same widget, was reported for the facebook exporter too). I'll look at it this weekend, in the meantime the workaround is to run f-spot --view with GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=true.

[Update 2009/10/31: bug fixed]


  1. Shush, you can't let Roy know the secret plan!

  2. looks awesome, thanks for writing the libunique bindings! :-)

  3. Oh no, the conspiracy theorists will be here soon :(

  4. P.S .... Don't forget to report your progress to the Bilderberg Group :D

  5. Hah, I thought this came from BoycottNovell feed ;-)

  6. This sounds great! Will it make it into the official mono project?