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Friday, January 8, 2010

DeepzoomIt: a simpleminded DeepZoom composer

Now that Moonlight supports DeepZoom for more than a year, it's about time to fill the blanks and allow one to create deepzoom images, even on linux.

DeepzoomIt does just that.

At least for the simple cases, i.e. no collection support and no selective resolution. But it generate files just right, as shown below (might not work on some planets) .

DeepzoomIt uses gdk_pixbuf for image cropping, scaling, composing. And it shouldn't be sensible to the inability of gdk_pixbuf to scale images bigger than 65536px.

The code is available on gitorious, use it if you like it: http://gitorious.org/deepzoomit.

[3159x2591 sized to viewport via DeepZoom. (shift-)Click to (un-)zoom. Drag to Pan]

[Update 2010.01.11: replaced the pure xaml viewer by a managed one. Pan+Zoom works.]


  1. could you post any done by the deepzoomit online example ?

  2. @Anonymous: you're seeing one, right now ! just here ^^^

  3. Looks like it does not work in Windows (SL 3, Win 7 x64, Chrome).

  4. Stephane,

    The demo widget doesn't appear to render anything on SL3-mac

  5. Hi Stephane.

    Your work on this sounds interesting. Unfortunately the deepzoom doesn't seem to work in Silverlight (at least version 3 that I'm runnning).

  6. I'll update the demo app asap, but again, that's not relevant to the DeepzoomIt tool...

  7. Looking forward to see the Demo working.

  8. Was the control update supposed to make it work on Windows? Because it's still a white box.

  9. I've no windows machine to test it on. The silverlight application embedding the MSI is probably broken then. But this little tool doesn't generate such an application, it justs splits an image into an usable MSI.

  10. Nice work but i see the borders in the tiles.. also some docs would be cool hehe :D

  11. I like http://www.imagesurf.net for online automated deep zoom of photos.