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Monday, September 28, 2009

Fixes by pack of 12

Important things first, just know that Ruben is no longer AWOL. He's even back to hacking mode, and working, together with Tigger, at adding image metadata support for images to taglib-sharp.

Now to the futile, I just released F-Spot a few minutes ago. The main purpose of it was to fix the slideshow mode on gtk+ 2.18 (which we did) and as I was at releasing, I applied some pending patches from bugzilla, wrote some myself, and backported translations from master.

The change in the importing code is worth noticing. It no longer imports the files first to memory before writing them to disk. It's quite helpful now that most cameras can create video files bigger enough to fill your machine memory in less than a few minutes (at high bitrate, on HD resolution). It's only available if you have libgphoto2 >= 2.4 and doesn't work with the directory driver (used for memory cards e.g.). Marcus is working on a fix in gphoto2, so stay tuned.

If you ask about the screensaver, it still doesn't work with gtk+ 2.18 but works fine with gtk+ master, and will still work just fine with gtk+ 2.18.1 when it goes out.

That's it. Download it, build it, package it, enjoy it!

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