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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

News from the F-Spotters

Some news, in no particular order:

F-Spot was released a couple of minutes ago. It fixes db upgrade for the people who went in holidays in the far future. Now F-Spot can update a db with photos taken (or reported to be) after 2038. It also fixes a crash while running on gtk+ 2.14.

The LiveWebGallery extension is now merged into the main tree, and installable, from the Manage Extension dialog, on any F-spot > 0.6. The extension crashing on gtk+2.14 is part of the past too.

Ruben is MIA. Last time we heard from him, he was "in a park near a pond near a museum".

A new extension, allowing finer control over the BlackAndWhite conversion process is coming soon. It leverages the expensive CPU you paid big bucks for via Mono.Simd. Mandatory screenshot:
That's it for today.


  1. Update on Ruben: he's not near in a park near a pond anymore, but appears to be cycling by the sea while eating sushi.

  2. Wasn't there talk of reusing code from banshee in f-spot or something recently?

  3. Great job on the channel mixer. And lovely photo :)

  4. @jimmac: the extension is now installable from the Extension Manager. Requires mono 2.2.

  5. The Channel mixer is fantastic, and it's very responsive. Why not make it auto-refresh (or provide an option for that ?). Having to press update all the time is a little frustrating.

  6. @Anonymous: the channel mixer _is_ auto-refreshed. Unfortunately, the curve is not. This will require a new Curve widget (e.g. porting the gimp's one) as the GtkCurve one is a bit limited. This will certainly happen soon, stay tuned.

  7. Andreia reports: "ruben was in a park near a pond again".